What to look for in your consulting partner

October 01, 2019

Whether you’re about to implement SAP Commerce Cloud or you need to finetune your SAP Commerce system (formerly known as SAP Hybris solutions), there are many good reasons to consider getting a consultant involved to help meet your business needs. You’ve made a significant investment in the platform – so naturally you want to make sure it’s delivering. The right expert will help to amplify the impact of SAP Commerce (Hybris) and unlock business benefits, so here's our list of the benefits of using a SAP Commerce (Hybris) consulting partner…

1. Customer experience specialists

Your SAP Hybris partner needs to live and breathe customer experience, as this is at the heart of every eCommerce strategy. While technical knowledge of the Hybris platform is essential, don’t underestimate the importance of a partner who can combine this with a user-centred design approach.

2. Technical knowhow

Choose a partner with a team of Hybris developers and consultants and you’ll access their body of technical knowledge – something that will take your own team time to develop. Your consulting partner can use these deep insights to identify and action continuous improvements. That means you’ll get more efficient results and better growth. A good consultant will simplify the process, not make it more complex.

3. Breadth of industry experience

When choosing your Hybris consulting partner, find out about their industry experience and how they’ve helped other companies. For example, a consultant who has worked with a large-scale retailer on their eCommerce operation will have a wealth of transferable skills, due to the intense challenges and demands faced within this sector.

4. Tailored solutions

Your business has unique needs, so there’s a balancing act involved in introducing any new technology. A strategy that’s built for your business is bound to have a greater impact than a straight-out-of-the-box solution. Customers are different in every case and as such, your customer should have a tailored experience that strengthens your brand and creates barriers to entry for competitors. A good consulting partner can help you with solutions that fulfil your needs while offering a winning customer experience at the same time.

5. Optimisation of SAP CX’s inbuilt features

There’s a steep learning curve with any new system, and it takes time to discover all the features that you should be using. A consultant can walk you through exactly what’s included in your subscription, and advise you on how to optimise your business processes and take advantage of the built-in reporting tools available.

6. Knowledge of peak load testing and elastic computing

An optimised Hybris platform is scalable, with the ability to grow or shrink server load depending on demand. Your consultant can introduce a strategy that makes a real difference to your system’s operating costs, while increasing capacity and processing times.

7. Up to date on the latest technologies

An integral part of a Hybris consultant’s role is to monitor emerging trends and maintain their status as a subject matter expert. Their work will not only respond to your business needs in the here and now, it will form a roadmap to plan for the future.

8. Results-driven UX and UI design expertise

With all the latest knowledge at hand via your consulting partner, it’s a safe bet that your customers will get a much better user experience than if you’d gone it alone. UX and UI designers will help to define great user experiences through research and a consultative approach. Getting your user interface right can make all the difference in keeping customers on your site and bringing them back time and again. If this is an urgent priority, you can assess how you could improve UX with an eCommerce Health Check.

9. 24/7 ongoing support

Running Hybris successfully takes more than one burst of implementation – you’ll need to keep an eye on it continually and adjust your approach based on results, as well as addressing unexpected issues. Retaining a consulting partner on an ongoing basis means that you can rely on their support, limiting the impact of any problems and continually optimising for success. They’ll also be able to help you decide on what metrics to use to measure performance.

10. All the help you need in one place

Consulting partners not only provide technical and project management input, but creative advice and design expertise, giving you a one-stop shop dedicated to getting Hybris right. If you can find a consultancy that covers UI, UX, consulting, implementation and support under one roof, this will massively simplify processes around creating engaging user experiences.

11. Cloud adoption capability

Your Hybris partner will work with you to understand your future business aspirations and help to define your strategy going forward. Moving to the cloud is something that many businesses are seriously considering, if not already adopting, meaning the right Hybris partner will understand the limitations and advantages of this solution.

12. Project management expertise

Using a Hybris consulting partner means that you can tap into their expertise in project planning and implementation. Handing over the responsibility for the schedule, development, testing, execution and delivery of SAP CX to someone who has done it all before will not only save you time, but help the project to run as smoothly as possible.

13. Genuinely nice people!

It’s important that you enjoy working together and build a partnership based on trust.

Finding the right external consultant can make a big difference to how well your Hybris platform performs, not to mention managing the challenges of implementation. To get a better understanding of how a consulting partner can help you to identify issues and make improvements, why not talk to our Customer Experience Consultants and find out how we can improve, implement and transform your digital experiences?