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We start the design process by ensuring we have a complete understanding of your business, products, services and your target market.

We firmly believe in knowledge before assumption. Customers buy your brand, and this is something we put at the forefront of our creative thinking. We use all your available analytical data to help us map out the user interface and framework of every touchpoint, allowing us to deliver totally customer-focused presentation layers. We provide a stunning on-brand user interface and consistent user experience across all of your touchpoints, and ensure that the user experience exploits current and predicted web trends. Only by offering the best on-brand user experience will you ensure that you stay at the top of your marketplace when delivering your products and services through SAP eCommerce solutions.

Creative Process

Omnia User Interface Design.

Our creative team will ensure your Omnia solution is designed on-brand following the very latest trends in web design and user experience research. Once your Omnia project is live, and based on your subsequent analytical data, we will ensure your content updates are managed and delivered on a regular basis. Our Creative team will help ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition by combining the benefits of our Omnia SAP solutions with customer focused content.

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  • UI Design
  • UX Mapping
  • Responsive Design
  • Illustration
  • Promotions

UX and UI Expertise.

Our User Experience (UX) team consider how your touchpoints will 'feel' to the customer during their use, and ensure that at all times, the customer is excited and engaged throughout their journey. The UX team’s primary goal is to ensure that the best overall experience for your customer is delivered from start to finish and beyond, so that they keep coming back for a service that not only meets but exceeds their needs and expectations. Our User Interface team (UI) work with the UX team to design stunning, intuitive interfaces and navigation systems that will ultimately deliver the best user experience for your target audience. The UI team ensure consistency across your touchpoints, taking full advantage of your omni-channel sales environment. UX and UI are a vital part of our creative process for Omnia eCommerce solutions.

Creative Desk

Client Projects

Warburtons Indigo Lighthouse Group Cibshygiene Royal Doulton Waterford Crystal Wedgwood Tengtools Malvern Ultra

Ultimately, our clients come to us because of our creative approach and expertise in designing SAP-based eCommerce solutions. They stay with us because of our commitment and commercial awareness. Contact us to find out more about Omnia eCommerce.