customer portalADD

An SAP Certified AddOn built for SAP ECC, S/4HANA

SAP certified customer engagement

Allow your customers to self-serve online whilst realising significant cost savings in areas like order processing and customer service as an associated benefit. The bar of customer expectancy has never been so high, so providing an online experience which is both modern and highly functional is no longer optional. customer portalADD provides a multitude of features, allied with best practice user experience application to ensure you meet the needs of your customers.

It provides optimised user journeys and clear brand representation, whilst ensuring SAP remains the driving force in the background. Data such as customer specific pricing, financial details and stock information are utilised directly from SAP ERP, whilst processes such as online ordering mirror the processes for order creation already established in the back end to ensure all required elements are completed correctly by the customer. This also ensures that exceptions can be dealt with immediately rather than retrospectively, which would introduce unnecessary manual involvement.

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The SAP Centric way to deliver customer engagement


Incorporated UX and UI design to provide cutting edge digital experiences


An SAP based content management system to provide enriched content for the web


Deliver services that add value and drive customer retention


Help business customers sell your products and develop brand advocacy


Provides modern B2B commerce experiences and functionality


Utilises existing business processes and data to remove unnecessary replication and duplication

Driving customer centricity with SAP

Typical B2B commerce and digital engagement solutions for SAP have to be integrated into the back end with the exception of customer portalADD. Delivered natively inside SAP ERP, it ensures only one technology set is being used to allow your customers to securely interact with your core business processes and real-time data as part of your customer engagement strategies.

As an SAP-centric extension, it utilises the enterprise stability, scalability, security and capability SAP already provides. customer portalADD facilitates modern online customer engagement strategies with no significant impacts on infrastructure, headcount or landscape complexity.



Real time information


Reduced risk


Reduced ongoing cost


Reduced support CMSADD customer portalADD is delivered with a comprehensive system from which to control product information, enabling you to manage your web content alongside your SAP Master Data in real-time, in a single data repository. The content management system CMSADD is delivered within SAP, providing an intuitive location from which to manage enriched content for the web such as long marketing descriptions, associated documentation, related products, video and imagery.

The system facilitates rapid changes to this web content (with no technical input required) whilst providing a safety net via role-based authentication to ensure changes pass through quality assurance before going live. It also provides for category management, white label sites, multiple catalogues, multiple languages and multiple currencies. SEO is catered for as the CMS provided with customer portalADD comes with tools for maximum optimisation.

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