direct spend portalADD

An SAP Certified AddOn built for SAP ECC, S/4HANA

SAP certified supplier engagement

The direct spend portalADD is designed for use by both suppliers and internal employees as a single source of truth, improving collaboration and allowing decisions to be made based on accurate, real-time information. The direct spend portalADD allows pertinent SAP based data to be shared with suppliers effectively, in easily digestible formats, whilst allowing them to share their latest data quickly, via minimal clicks, on an online platform.

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The SAP Centric way to deliver supplier engagement


Significantly reduce administrative costs


Simplify communication and increase collaboration


Improve data quality and make informed decisions


Streamline your purchase order management in a centralised location


Great user experiences that reduce training needs


Improve supplier performance with KPI visibility

Streamline your supply chain with SAP

The direct spend portalADD brings countless benefits to the supply chain of any SAP running organisation with functionality that delivers simplicity, increases efficiency and reduces cost. Whilst supply chain professionals appreciate what can be achieved by adopting this technology, it is important for IT that the solution does not add complexity and cost within their arena. The portal is uniquely delivered directly within SAP and utilises all the data and business processes you have residing in SAP. This removes the need for considerable duplication and integration whilst minimising the need for additional hardware.

By utilising UI5 technology, the direct spend portalADD offers an intuitive interface for easy adoption and provides the platform for rapid future development. As your SAP landscape evolves, the extension evolves with it, whilst simultaneously delivering the latest in efficiency driving features and functionality.



Facilitates rapid development


Future-proofed platform


Increase ROI in SAP


Intuitive interfaces

Manage your web content direct spend portalADD should not just be for use by suppliers. Whilst the suppliers quickly adopt the portal as it simplifies their interactions with you, members of your purchasing team will do the same. They can also log in and reap the benefits of having numerous tasks they previously carried out across multiple screens in SAP, located in a single UI5 based location. This drives efficiency, increases visibility and reduces the number of hours internal teams need to spend on administrative tasks.

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