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Online and Offline Design Services.

When you have taken advantage of our UI creative services for Omnia B2B Portals or B2C eCommerce solutions, you will be able to utilise our ongoing marketing support services. We help our clients to make creative changes and content updates to their online solutions in order to keep content fresh and enhance promotions. We help you design and develop new landing pages for keyword targeted opportunities. We provide creative support for your main web solutions, HTML email promotions and advertising, whether that be PPC or press.

Creative Process

Removing the creative ‘guesswork’ with analytics.

With your permission, we will use your analytical data to help us gain a better understanding of how your customers are interacting with your web site. This enables us to make informed decisions when it comes to content management and design requests, thus enhancing the marketing relationship we will build with you. Only by using analytical data can we more accurately deliver creative content and monitor the effect it is having on your project. Through the use of tools such as ‘A/B’ testing we can go forward in a commercially beneficial manner with the knowledge that our creative decisions are made on real time customer data

Creative support with seasonal promotions.

‘Themes’ are one of the many on-going marketing support service available with Omnia. Season based promotions can help provide you with an opportunity to increase sales and keep the project fresh in your customers mind.

Creative Process

Banners, on page advertising and graphical elements.

To keep your site and interface on-brand and complimentary to the rest of the site pages, we deliver on-going support for elements such as promotional banners that go across categories and sub categories, and can help add value in terms of conversion at the checkout. The display of your promotional banners are easily managed through the Omnia Content Management System once the creative is approved.

Creative Process

Photography and image support, retouching and photo compositing.

To ensure your website looks as great as possible, we help with photo retouching and composite work. ‘A picture says a 1000 words’ and if you don’t get this right, all the hard work and resource that’s been put in at the back end can be damaged by a poor presentation layer. We assure your photography is engaging and creates the right buying desire for your customers. We provide you with documentation on how best to brief your photographer when you choose an Omnia SAP eCommerce solution, or we can assist you with photography as a project.

Creative Process

Offline marketing support materials.

To ensure we give you a complete marketing support service, we also add value with on-brand offline materials to help with promotions around your online activity, these include direct mail, advertising, brochures and product data sheets to name but a few. Our creative department will help you deliver these materials from brief to final print delivery.

Creative Process Creative Process Creative Process Creative Process
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Corporate Identity
  • Exhibition
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising