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Empower your call center teams to provide outstanding customer service

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Leading SAP based contact centre solution

Omnia contact centre provides a business solution aligned to a true omni-channel strategy; enabling call centre teams to positively reflect your brand and offer an enhanced, integrated customer experience that is consistent across all touchpoints.


Why Omnia is the right choice for B2B & B2C Contact Centre.

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Provide a single consolidated view of the customer

Omnia contact centre provides one location from which service agents can perform multiple tasks with minimal clicks and enables them to swiftly respond to important questions and queries.

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Increase call centre efficiency with real-time data

Benefit from decreased average call durations and increased first call resolutions due to the easily accessible SAP data and processes which are available for use by your operatives in real-time.

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Significantly reduce training requirements

New recruits are quickly onboarded and training programmes are considerably reduced thanks to the self-intuitive web pages that Omnia contact centre provides.

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Effortless navigation of account information

Navigate account related data (current and historical) in a simplified manner; from orders to returns, financial information to account associated notes, using filtering mechanisms and search criteria.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences with browser mirroring

Allow operatives to guide website customers through their specific online journey with shared session visibility to provide meaningful interactions that are contextual and instil confidence.

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Configure complex products the easy way

With full visibility of product variations and available upgrades, your customer service teams can offer suitable advice and customise potentially complex product sets on behalf of the customer.

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Fast, effective service platform designed on the latest SAP framework

Designed using the latest SAP UI5 framework, our call centre application interface is easy to use and provides a rapid way to view customer and eCommerce information in one place.


Its user-friendly, web-based application increases the productivity of your service agents, enabling them to operate faster and smarter than ever before. With feature rich, powerful functionality and an intuitive interface, it promotes easy user adoption and ongoing navigation. The ability to rapidly and effectively manage customer enquiries improves engagement levels, presents upsell and cross-selling opportunities and ultimately drives conversion.

Delivered within SAP, Omnia contact centre leverages your existing SAP data which is always up-to-date and immediately available to your service teams. Key information is served to employees quickly and in a straightforward manner, ensuring that customer communications remain clear and efficient.


" Great improvement in customer experience and sales volumes. "

Terry Bedeau  Project Manager, NICEIC.

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