Omnia B2B & B2C Customer Portals

Omnia is the only SAP certified digital engagement technology which is natively delivered with zero integration required

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Intuitive customer portals that drive efficiencies for all parties

Omnia customer portals utilise the capability, scalability and security of SAP as they are uniquely delivered within your SAP ERP platform. They provide a digital layer over existing master data and processes in the form of web-based solutions that are completely tailored to your digital transformation strategy and support the way in which you want to communicate with your customers.

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Why Omnia is the right choice for B2B & B2C Customer Portals


Give your customers what they want, when they want it

Provide your customers with convenient access to consistent information and the ability to effortlessly interact with you 24/7, regardless of the device used.

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Incorporating UX and UI design to provide cutting edge digital experiences

Responsive interfaces and flexible page layouts; designed to your requirements and tailored to create outstanding user experiences that increase engagement and enable future innovation.

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Retain customers with buying convenience

Portals provide an efficient way to self-serve information, saving your customers, and your business, valuable time by removing the need for high volume calls, emails or waiting in queues.

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Deliver services that add value and drive customer retention

In addition to saving your customers time, portals allow you to simplify their dealings with you; by providing valued functionality such as budget management, you cement customer loyalty.

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Help business customers sell your products and develop brand advocacy

With straightforward access to educational information and supportive marketing materials, business customers are empowered to sell more of your products and become brand advocates.

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An enhanced communication tool and real-time workflow resource

Modernise the flow of information and ensure your customers have secure access to real-time data, updated documentation and are viewing the latest version of events.

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An informed customer feels valued, appreciated and this instils trust

Providing a simple, centralised platform to communicate and inform, develops a more collaborative relationship with your customers; they become more involved and overall service levels improve.

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Opening a window to your organisation allows customers to easily interact with your products and services at their convenience, building stronger relationships and driving engagement. Self-service is quickly becoming the preferred method of interaction with businesses; adoption of an SAP certified Omnia portal is a safe, secure and customer centric way of providing this facility.

Our clients also benefit from the streamlining of processes by significantly reducing the amount of manual and administrative tasks which are no longer necessary. This alleviates internal resource to focus on value added activities and more proactive pursuits.

Neither your brand, or the user journey, is restricted by the introduction of an Omnia portal; customers feel a greater affiliation with you as they enjoy interacting with your business in this straightforward manner. With an Omnia customer portal, you raise the bar on your competition and simultaneously strengthen customer relationships.

Customer portal testimonial

"Our fast-paced environment means that instant access and substance is everything – prioritising these factors was crucial. Without the in-house expertise available, we needed a partner who would understand our requirements, budget from the outset, and then hit the ground running. We knew what Weaveability had achieved with other clients, in a similar market and felt that they immediately understood our business goals. There was no doubt about it; they were very technical people with an extremely grounded and commercially-aware approach."

Danny Earp Warehouse Controller, Boughey Distribution Ltd.

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Discover the power of content management

Omnia SAP CMS ensures all product information remains in one location; providing a central facility to maintain enriched data such as images, buying guides and marketing content, enabling you to place new information online quickly and efficiently.