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Omnia is the only SAP certified digital engagement technology which is natively delivered with zero integration required

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Intuitive customer portals that drive efficiencies for all parties

In a digital world, where people have embraced the capability to shop and self-serve information online, they now expect the same level of interaction and efficiency when conducting business transactions.

B2B buyers seek the types of functionality and user experience they have become accustomed to in their everyday life. However, they also expect the online purchasing experience to cater for commercial distinctions and nuances.

A deep understanding of your business and the way in which you communicate with customers underpins the Omnia ethos. Its agile B2B eCommerce platform delivers a multitude of features and its flexible design allows you to tailor the experience provided to industry-specific needs.

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Why Omnia is the right choice for B2B & B2C eCommerce


SAP ERP and your eCommerce platform operating in a single stack

Delivered directly within your ERP system, Omnia requires zero integration and leverages the power of SAP by utilising existing data and business processes without the need for complex duplication.


Enhanced customer interactions in real-time

Enable your customers to interact with you in real-time, place orders directly into SAP and gain instant access to SAP master data regarding stock, pricing and much more.


Retain customers with buying convenience

Maintain customer loyalty by providing them with the ability to browse products and complete transactions around-the-clock, regardless of their location.


Provide a seamless journey through omni-channel delivery

Ensure data remains consistent throughout the customer journey and your brand is accurately reflected across all buying channels: online, instore, call centre and beyond.


Create great user experiences that increase conversion

Omnia’s creative approach to eCommerce incorporates user-centred design, providing intuitive purchasing experiences that are consistently engaging and positively impact conversion rates.


Guiding the customer with easy navigation

Assist your customers to quickly find products and related information using intelligent search functionality, multiple navigational options and flexible filtering mechanisms.


Experience rapid innovation through simplicity

Omnia simply utilises the data and processes already in SAP and benefits from enterprise capability, providing the foundation to quickly introduce new features and stay ahead of the competition.


Omnia represents the sensible approach to the delivery of B2C eCommerce for organisations that utilise SAP ERP as their core business software.

It's feature-rich, omni-channel platform offers an engaging and consistent experience to consumers, no matter which device is used.

With advanced functionality and personalisation, you are able to provide a seamless customer journey that drives profitability for your business.

Omnia ecommerce testimonial

"Great improvement in customer experience and sales volumes."

Terry Bedeau Project Manager, NICEIC

Omnia B2B eCommerce

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Omnia ecommerce testimonial

"Fantastic eCommerce solution – the results have been outstanding."

Keith Crosbie Marketing Manager, Teng Tools

Omnia B2C eCommerce

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Discover the power of content management

Omnia SAP CMS ensures all product information remains in one location; providing a central facility to maintain enriched data such as images, buying guides and marketing content, enabling you to place new information online quickly and efficiently.