Omnia B2B Supplier Portals

Streamline your supply chain: automate key processes, improve supplier collaboration and drive procurement efficiency

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SAP certified supplier portals that deliver supply chain simplification and reduce cost

Omnia supplier portals are designed for use by both suppliers and internal employees as a single source of truth, facilitating tighter collaboration and allowing important decisions to be made based on accurate, real-time information.


Why Omnia is the right choice for B2B Supplier Portals

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Significantly reduce administrative costs

One central location for internal staff and authorised suppliers to seamlessly transfer information and perform agreed tasks directly within SAP, removing the need for manual execution and reducing errors.

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Great user experiences that reduce training needs

Combining responsive UI5 technology and user-centred design, supplier portals provide a simple platform with intuitive interfaces for quick and easy adoption by both existing and new employees.

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Improve supplier performance with KPI visibility

Providing KPI data empowers suppliers to proactively drive higher standards and enables accurate ongoing performance management against indicators defined by you.

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Drive efficiency and compliance with automated supplier onboarding

Full visibility of on-boarding progress for the internal user and potential supplier, providing an effective two-way workflow process for information submission and latest documentation review.

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Simplify communication and increase collaboration

Automate quality notifications, share demand forecasts and specification change alerts in real-time, allowing suppliers to respond swiftly and take appropriate remedial action.

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Improve data quality and make informed decisions

Allow suppliers to update selected SAP master data via the portal and immediately share crucial information across all internal users, enabling them to make calculated decisions based on accurate data.

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Streamline your purchase order management in a centralised location

Raise requests for quotations, enable suppliers to amend and confirm purchase orders, view relevant information, respond to queries and make instantly visible updates via an SAP portal.

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The perfect choice for IT

Omnia is uniquely delivered within SAP, requiring zero integration and utilises existing data and processes residing in SAP without the need for any duplication, integration or additional hardware.


Due to the direct delivery within your existing SAP landscape, the information flow both in and out of Omnia supplier portals is always perfectly aligned with SAP. This ensures that the data and processes, which sit securely within your SAP environment, remain secure.

Strategically aligned to the SAP roadmap, Omnia supplier portals future-proof the supply chain through their readiness to take advantage of new SAP technology releases. As your SAP landscape evolves, Omnia naturally evolves with it, delivering the latest in efficiency driving features and functionality.


"Supplier Portals reduce admin for the purchasing team and improve the data in our order book."

Rachel Flaxman — Purchasing Manager, Malvern Instruments