h Jon Brooks | Chief Technology officer | Weaveability

Chief Technology Officer

Jon Brooks

When asked how I’m doing, my go-to response: “Average.”


Time at Weaveability: 10 years


My main responsibilities are

  • Looking after the technical side of the sales team
  • Answering any questions customers might have during demonstrations
  • Ensuring we’re using the latest technologies in the SAP product set



Professional accomplishments I’ve achieved include

  • Maths and Computing degree
  • Certified SAP developer
  • Creating Weaveability with Steve Yates and our founding team


Personal accomplishments I’m proud of include

I’m a qualified football coach.


Three words to describe myself…

Short, old and unfit!


My loved ones would describe me as…

Grumpy, probably.


A little about my life outside of work

I’m a grandad, so enjoy spending downtime with my family. I’m also an avid football watcher and distinctly average golfer!


I'm passionate about

Bury FC, whilst it lasted!


You’ll never see me without

My phone


The websites I visit the most are

BBC – but not for politics!