Creative Director

Marcus Castle

“Yes, we can fit that in.” 


Time at Weaveability: 6 years +


My main responsibilities are:

  • Creative direction and quality control for client and internal projects
  • Project planning, estimating and resource management
  • Client presentations
  • Internal brand management
  • Ensuring the Creative team deliver best in class creative services that help transform customer experience



Professional accomplishments I’ve achieved include

HND in Graphic Design and Advertising.


Personal accomplishments I’m proud of include

I was included in a published photography book – The Photographer’s Guide to the Lake District. It’s nice to see your hobbies pay off!


Three words to describe myself…

Approachable, perfectionist – balding!


My loved ones would describe me as…

That depends if it’s to my face or behind my back! Hopefully helpful and driven.


A little about my life outside of work

In my spare time I try to convince myself I’m a landscape photographer – you can check out some of my work online and see if you agree! I’m also an occasional runner, keen gamer – ‘geek’ as some would call it. I’m happily married to my best friend Sarah (that should score me some points at home).


I'm passionate about

Great design. Simple.


You’ll never see me without

Coloured pencils


The website I visit the most is



One final thing I’d like to share is

My workload!