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Omnia is an SAP ERP based solution that includes B2B, B2C and B2B2C products. Omnia’s key USP for the SAP installed base is that it requires zero integration as it resides wholly in SAP ERP.

Based on UX research and design, our UI teams were able to design and prototype all aspects of the customer experience across the eCommerce journey and the account management sections. Designing a system that could be rebranded for multiple customers was a great challenge, but one that our UI teams relished.

The challenge

Design an application for B2B eCommerce that fulfils many generic requirements that could be adapted for multiple businesses. 

Our UX research and design teams reviewed many of the guidelines and research topics surrounding B2B to design ingenious and efficient ways of pushing data out to the customer in an easily digestible format, making the whole experience of using the eCommerce system both engaging and efficient. The UI is flexible enough to allow for themes/custom skins to be applied for resale, whilst still retaining robust and efficient user experience.


The solution

Omnia’s UI has been designed and developed based on extensive requirement gathering around functionality, ongoing UX research and feedback from user testing. Fully responsive, but also adapted to give an experience that suits mobile devices, the application does not merely stack and collapse down, it introduces new ways of displaying and managing information that work seamlessly on a mobile device.

The outcome

The product and purchasing journey, as well as the account management dashboard allows for customers to allocate marketing content without impacting on the overall structure of the site. Our design teams offer marketing support resources to our clients to enable them to offer engaging marketing content across an Omnia eCommerce or customer portal implementation.


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