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Smyths Toys turns to Weaveability

As a high-volume multichannel retailer, Smyths’ challenge was to find a unique support partner that had both strong technical ability and the necessary UX/UI capability.

Selecting Weaveability to manage its existing SAP Commerce (Hybris) deployment in the UK and Ireland provided Smyths with a scalable, robust eCommerce solution that improved performance and delivered an outstanding customer experience.

This resulted in a record number of orders being processed during the peak demand of the Black Friday period in 2018 and contributed to a 30% increase in turnover.

The Challenge

As online shopping continues to expand its share of overall sales, retailers are placing increasing emphasis on eCommerce activity.

A key requirement was to rethink the existing infrastructure arrangements and develop a more flexible and scalable solution. It was vital for the new infrastructure strategy to accommodate peak traffic, workflow, payment processes and third-party integrations.

Additionally, the existing SAP Hybris platform required an upgrade from the 6.2 version that was in place. Furthermore, ongoing updates and enhancements needed to be implemented in a way that eliminated downtime.


The Solution

The focus was on improving resilience, continuity and performance. By exploiting new updates and services to its Google Cloud Platform, Smyths was able to create a more flexible IT environment. With autoscaling, Smyths was fully responsive to peak periods of demand including Black Friday and the run-up to Christmas.

The revised infrastructure is designed to provide more reliable support for SAP Commerce (Hybris), which serves as a single platform for information and digital ordering. This, along with the tight integration to Smyths’ SAP system, enables central administration and maintenance of data relating to products, prices, marketing, customer accounts and order flows.
We have also initiated continuous improvements and enhancements to ensure consistently high-performance levels through new features and functionality.

The Outcome

With our support, Smyths has reduced its relative overall infrastructure costs while securing greater performance and stability. The changes have been made within a short timescale to drive rapid improvements.

We’re helping to support Smyths’ hosted environment, on Google Cloud Platform, in a way that enables flexibility to move up and down according to demand levels. To protect business continuity, the improvements have been implemented in a way that eliminates downtime and the deployment time of further updates is significantly reduced.

Our UI designers are using a combination of out of the box functionality and where applicable we are designing and developing on top of this to expand the UI for better user focused journeys. Online customers are benefitting from a faster and more responsive website, with improvements in page load times.



“Today’s online shoppers rightly expect fast and reliable retail websites. To ensure we continue to meet those expectations, we have invested in a number of updates and improvements that have been implemented with the help of our SAP Hybris support partner, Weaveability. With Weaveability’s support, we can be confident that interruptions and downtime will be minimised, efficiencies are maintained, and customers enjoy the best possible experience of shopping online with us.”

Rob Wilson - Chief Technology Officer, Smyths Toys


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