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Teng Tools

In 1985, Teng Tools was founded and could be found only in the UK market. Since then, the brand has spread to more than 30 countries worldwide, has over 300 products in its range and has over 400 global stockists.

As our long-standing client, we have designed and built the UK and Ireland eCommerce sites and continue to provide marketing support.

The Challenge

We most recently were tasked with a European rollout of the eCommerce offering, the upcoming changes to the corporate website and online configuration system.

The challenge Teng Tools had was their customers were using the information on the .co.uk site instead of the .com site. We reviewed their current systems and investigated ways to centralise the data and expand the solution globally.


The Solution

Teng’s customer journey UI is built around their focus on connecting ‘tools’ with their ‘trays’ and ‘storage units’. The entire site is designed with this principal of ‘connected’ elements in mind. Panels that slot together on the interface, bold typographic elements and a bold style for the entire ordering process.

The Outcome

Rally sponsorships help position Teng Tools as a trusted brand for their target market. We have leveraged this by adding in supporting information to engage the reader and help build aspiration around their area of work, using gritty, working images and strong bold messaging to tie in with Teng Tools corporate guidelines.


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