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Omnia SAP Supplier Portal Features

The Weaveability Omnia B2B SAP Supplier Portal (sometimes referred to as Vendor Portal) is a web based portal that smartens up the entire supply chain. It’s now more important than ever to communicate real-time, whilst reducing transactional processing overheads from your communications. With these benefits in place, from Omnia you can drive efficiencies for your internal users and also those of your suppliers.

Omnia is our SAP centric way to deliver your SAP Supplier Portal

Omnia is our SAP centric way to deliver your Supplier Portal

Our SAP Supplier Portal application will help you drive efficiencies and simplify internal processes. Omnia SAP Supplier Portals enable you to utilise and display the same real time SAP master data without the need for duplication. The Omnia solution sits within your existing SAP landscape ensuring that the information coming into and going out from the portal is always perfectly aligned with SAP. Omnia is delivered seamlessly within your current SAP processes ensuring business best practice.

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Fig 1 – SAP Supplier Portal Dashboard

Instantly view your supplier KPIs through our easy to use Dashboard.

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Fig 2 – SAP Supplier Portal Purchase Orders

Accessible purchase order control so you can keep up-to-date with whats going on.

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Fig 3 – SAP Supplier Portal Search

Powerful search filters show results with the ability to view in-depth information.

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Why Omnia is the best way to deliver a B2B SAP Supplier Portal.

  • SAP certified
  • Enterprise security
  • Single data set
  • Zero integration required
  • Enterprise stability
  • Single support team
  • De-risk your project
  • SAP best practice
  • Enterprise performance
  • Single infrastructure
Weaveability Omnia B2B Deliver Cube

We have recently completed an SAP Supplier Portal which will allow suppliers to access and update their purchase orders which will reduce admin for the purchasing team and improve the data in our order book. We also completed an eCommerce Project with Weaveability. The project went very well and the orders being placed on the eCommerce site are getting processed in SAP immediately which reduces our admin and delivery time to customers. Weaveability are a very professional team to work with, considered our requirements and improved our solution, were very responsive and delivered beyond our expectations.

Peter Norman, Divisional Systems Manager, Malvern Instruments Limited.