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What is SAP B2C eCommerce?

The Omnia ecommerce solution is a feature rich solution providing all the benefits of cutting edge user interfaces. Due to the delivery on the Netweaver platform it means that true real-time data can be achieved as the data you are creating or viewing is SAP master data.

Omnia eCommerce Features

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Omnia is a SAP certified eCommerce solution.

A true real-time omni-channel SAP centric solution that requires zero integration. Incredibly feature rich, our Omnia B2C SAP eCommerce solution includes a comprehensive multilingual Content Management System running directly from SAP master data, on-brand cutting edge user interfaces and an incredibly powerful application suite that reduces the complexities of data and content management.

The benefits of Omnia SAP eCommerce.

Omnia SAP B2C eCommerce is our flagship solution which is built on the SAP Netweaver landscape. This means that Omnia is focused on features and benefits and not the backend operations. Due to the delivery on the Netweaver platform it means that true real-time data can be achieved as the data you are creating and viewing is SAP master data. This simplifies the process and streamlines customer interactions removing the need for unnecessary integration and third party apps, in turn this reduces implementation timescales significantly and virtually removes all risk associated with the project delivery.

Omnia SAP eCommerce offers a feature rich environment unconstrained by technology or platform, ensuring the best possible customer experience with a fully joined up process. You will increase productivity and take advantage of personalisation tools so that users can pre-empt issues up front and decide how best to operate.

Having your business platform and a single set of data ensures that you can make personalised customer decisions or offers as they arrive to your online store. Whether you are offering discounts, quantity offers, individual pricing, voucher codes or loyalty points.

Customer confidence is paramount in creating brand loyalty. To do this you need to have all the information at all times available whenever your customer needs it. Only a Content Management System that is tightly delivered within the backend system allows the opportunity for clear concise accurate information. You need to be where your customers are, on all touchpoints – in real time. eCommerce spans a multitude of areas, whether that is a retail website, website protected by logins, mobile app they all need to run from a single technology and dataset, with Omnia B2B SAP eCommerce, you are choosing a SAP centric solution that delivers on all counts.

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Why Omnia is the best way to deliver B2C eCommerce.

  • SAP certified
  • Enterprise security
  • Single data set
  • Zero integration required
  • Enterprise stability
  • Single support team
  • De-risk your project
  • SAP best practice
  • Enterprise performance
  • Single infrastructure
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Weaveability are a fantastic company to work with! We recently tasked them with the job of creating an eCommerce platform for us and the results have been outstanding! Their dedicated team have been excellent to work with throughout the development process. Their ideas and designs have far exceeded our expectations and the management of the entire project has been precise, on schedule and tightly controlled. We look forward to working with them again in the near future and highly recommend them!

Keith Crosbie, Marketing, IQ Supplies