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What is a B2E SAP CMS?

The Omnia B2E SAP CMS is a comprehensive Product Information Management System, enabling you to manage your web content alongside your SAP Master Data in real-time in a single data repository. Changes are made through a role-based authentication and hierarchy to ensure they are put through Quality Assurance before going live. The Omnia B2E SAP CMS ensures that your customers are absorbing real-time synchronised data across all touchpoints when they are making purchasing decisions.

Omnia Supplier Portal Features

Manage all your touchpoints from our unique SAP centric CMS

Content management systems work seamlessly when they are SAP centric. The Omnia CMS solution manages all your eCommerce SAP-driven requirements from a single system. Our comprehensive CMS provides enhanced functionality that enables administrators to take control of all aspects of your page. This SAP-centric solution sits within SAP, utilising its Master Data rather than relying on duplication and integration; your SEO content is fully catered for, as our application respects its strategic importance.

The Omnia CMS enables you to manage your web content in direct communication with SAP Master Data in real-time – everything is kept in sync across the CMS, ensuring total accuracy around the clock. The flexibility within the CMS allows for white label sites as well as multiple catalogues, languages and currencies too, and with our single-pricing platform, your customers will get the same information no matter what channel they choose to shop through.

Changes are made in real-time too and instant where necessary, while more critical updates go through a role-based hierarchy to ensure that the changes are put through Quality Assurance before going live. Due to the centralised approach of our CMS, you can enjoy safety and peace of mind when processes, stock, materials or orders change – they change everywhere.

A centric content management system is absolutely essential to any SAP eCommerce platform, and that’s where our CMS sets itself apart from the competition. Whether it is via digital, print or otherwise, our system caters for everything, acting as a gatekeeper of workflow and ensuring that total control is maintained over all content. The beauty of our solution is in its simplicity, allowing you to be able to confidently edit and manage your eCommerce platform efficiently. The simplicity and speed of attaining anything from your SAP Master Data is another major benefit of this CMS, as it means less processes are involved, and therefore less business decisions need to be made.
Omnia Weaveability Portal Image 1 Omnia Weaveability Portal Magnifying Glass Category Management

With Category Management you have the ability to produce pre-made categories enables you to build an entirely new level “behind the scenes” and have it ready to go live at any pre-determined time. This feature ensures that you continue to trade as normal with the added boost of the ability to enable/disable categories whenever needed.

Omnia Weaveability Portal Image 2 Omnia Weaveability Portal Magnifying Glass Cross Sell and Up-sell

The cross-sell role aims to get customers spending more money by adding more products from other categories to the product being viewed. The up-sell role aims to get customers spending more money by purchasing a more expensive model of the same type of product, or added features like warranties.

Omnia Weaveability Portal Image 3 Omnia Weaveability Portal Magnifying Glass Multi-lingual and multicurrency functionality

Customers need to be able to shop on your platform in whichever language or currency they choose. As well as having these capabilities at the front-end of your website, they are also in-built from the ground-up on the Content Management System, so you can utilise the efforts of your global teams.

Omnia Weaveability Portal Image 4 Omnia Weaveability Portal Magnifying Glass Catalogue Management

The shared catalogue feature is a valuable addition to the CMS. Where white label sites are concerned, it is possible to have multiple sites looking at one catalogue, as opposed to being built as sites with separate catalogues. This means you are free to make the most of your profitable partnerships.

Omnia Weaveability Portal Image 5 Omnia Weaveability Portal Magnifying Glass Definable Attributes

Attributes can come in many different forms; they could be product colours, filter mechanisms or self-defined tags – whatever you need to include on your site, we will be able to cater to it. This is your feature to define, and we will help you to maximise your site design to its full potential.

Omnia Weaveability Portal Image 6 Omnia Weaveability Portal Magnifying Glass SEO Adaptability

Our CMS handles all SEO requirements to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition in terms of search results. This includes page titles, URL descriptions and so forth, and all these SEO updates will be in line with our enhancement packs, so you will always be up to date.


Our Themes module runs seasonal, promotional and personalisation elements of your site. By using the look and feel of your site to draw in customers, you can leave them with a lasting impression. Give it a seasonal twist or improve your current promotion.

Site Performance

The complete transparency of the system across all transactions helps you to stay up to date with customer conduct. You will always be able to monitor your customer’s processes, behaviours and site-wide performance.


The handling, tagging and analysis of images is all part and parcel of our CMS solution, as well as the combination of image validation techniques and branding management, which will help save you money and preserve your credibility!

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes reinforce brand reliability. Whether you’re accruing card points or collecting stickers for a free coffee, a loyalty scheme is worth its weight in gold, as it gives you a thorough insight into your customer’s behaviour and buying patterns.


Security is getting stronger, more technical and rapidly changing to combat an onslaught of rogue transactions. Our CMS runs under your existing enterprise-level security, helping to protect your online presence from attack.


External services can cover many things – live chat assistance, geo-fencing systems, postcode lookup and so forth – so the inclusion of these into SAP eCommerce systems is crucial. We ensure that you have the total flexibility to manage them.

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Why Omnia is the best way to deliver a B2B SAP Contact Centre.

  • SAP certified
  • Enterprise security
  • Single data set
  • Zero integration required
  • Enterprise stability
  • Single support team
  • De-risk your project
  • SAP best practice
  • Enterprise performance
  • Single infrastructure
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Weaveability have a fantastic team who have provided a professional, considered service throughout our recent website project. We have continued to utilise their skills to develop further enhancements to the websites with great success. Good people, great knowledge, highly recommended.

Simon Readfearn, Senior Marketing Executive, Ultra Finishing Limited