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What is a B2B SAP Order Entry System?

The Omnia SAP B2E Order Entry System is a SAP centric web based solution that requires zero integration. It provides an intuitive user experience based around cutting edge user interfaces. The Omnia B2E SAP Order Entry System enables your teams to be more productive, accurate, and motivated when dealing with incoming sales orders. Clean, fresh and easy to use solutions help drive productivity, reduce mistakes, shorten training times and introduce modern concepts such as cross-selling and up-selling in your sales order entry environment.

Why Omnia is the best way to deliver a B2B SAP Contact Centre.

  • SAP certified
  • Enterprise security
  • Single data set
  • Zero integration required
  • Enterprise stability
  • Single support team
  • De-risk your project
  • SAP best practice
  • Enterprise performance
  • Single infrastructure
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Product Knowledge

Any company dealing with multiple SKUs will understand it can take months or even years for employees to fully understand the complexities of their products, certainly to the level of detail your customers expect. By presenting an order entry system that pulls information through from our SAP centric Omnia Content Management System you truly have all the information at your fingertips.

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Tailored Order Processing

Increase productivity and deliver personalisation tools so that users can pre-empt issues up front and decide how best to operate. Increase order accuracy which in turn helps reduce operational overheads when rectifying issues. ‘Dynamic Help’ on products enables triggers to present information to your customers like related items, promotions, alternatives or credit control information.

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Customer Service

Customisable and secure views of the whole customer from shipping addresses, bill to accounts, product information and contact details, enabling your teams to get to fast information wherever it suits your users.

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Inline Marketing

Opportunities with cross-sell and up-sell directly at the front end. Definable ‘Attributes’ which can come in many different forms; they could be product, colours, filter mechanisms or self-defined tags – whatever your requirements are to attribute products, Omnia caters for it. Maximising all your product data so that your site becomes the go to information site enabling easy purchasing decisions for your customer.

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Significantly reduce training requirements for new team members. Training is a time consuming task, but driving quality in your teams requires you to have your best people doing the training. The Omnia B2E SAP Order Entry System reduces the training requirement significantly. It helps alleviate the need for intensive product knowledge whilst at the same time improving your customer service.

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Loyalty Schemes

Any loyalty schemes or reward points should be an intrinsic part of the communications whilst on the phone dealing with customers creating orders. These schemes are a way of engaging your customers and driving loyalty.

The previous Malvern system was built as a proof of concept to find out if our customers would buy consumables online. This was achieved at a very low cost, so whilst the concept was proven, it also meant that we had a very basic system that was neither user-friendly nor a full product range. The solution delivered by Weaveability exceeded all our expectations.

Martin Langley, Programme Manager, Malvern Instruments