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Omnia B2E SAP solutions ensure internal departments collaborate efficiently.

Delivering a true omni-channel solution to your customers intrinsically involves both external touchpoints and internal applications. Every external touchpoint needs to be seamlessly connected to your internal systems and they must be reliant on real time synchronised data. Whether your employees are editing data in your Omnia Content Management System, placing orders via Omnia’s Fast Order Entry system, or dealing with customer enquiries via the Omnia Call Centre solution, you need to be certain that your systems are working with the same data. Omnia is a SAP centric solution which runs directly from SAP master data, delivering an unparalleled service to customers and employees alike. With Omnia, you will be covered across all areas of the business. Marketing will be less reliant on IT resource, your IT department will have a SAP centric system requiring zero integration, and your Call Centre will have access to real time information. Omnia’s SAP B2E solutions are fundamental to delivering a customer focused approach to business.