SAP Hosting & Infrastructure Managed Services

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Why Weaveability for SAP Hosting & Managed Services?

Our highly experienced consultants possess all the technical competencies required to deliver a successful migration strategy for your SAP landscape into a fully managed hosted service.

We appreciate the challenges faced by your IT teams and work in partnership with them to ensure the migration process is seamless, cost effective and flexible enough to adapt to any changing needs as your business evolves.

Focusing on your specific key drivers, we select the right platform for your organisation and continuously monitor infrastructure performance; enabling you to concentrate on delivering strategic business value, while we take care of business as usual.

Here's why...


Consultancy Service

Our solution architects will assess your existing infrastructure and create a fully costed roadmap that delivers a step change in resilience for your business.

Drawing on our vast technical experience we can appraise the capability of your existing on-premise facility and readiness to migrate to a hosted environment.

With on-demand access to our in-house technical resource and cutting-edge technology you can be reassured that your infrastructure migration is in safe, capable hands. We understand the importance of knowledge transfer and make it our mission to educate your teams, sharing critical information and ensuring the transition is as seamless as possible.


Scalable Solutions

Benefit from ultimate flexibility with elastic cloud computing technologies that allow your systems to scale as the business grows, with incremental investment and new platform initialisation, in line with future demands.

Transitioning from on-premise to the cloud removes complexity and increases agility. Our hosting solutions are delivered across all cloud services including: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

These platforms vary in capability and we can advise you how to leverage the cost-efficient benefits and design of a scalable and resilient platform that allows you to pay for compute power as required.


Maximise your Investment

With our highly skilled team of technicians managing your environments day-to-day, this alleviates your internal resource to focus on value added initiatives within the business.

By increasing your bandwidth and introducing simplified infrastructure management you can reduce your overall costs, lower TCO and accelerate your time to value.


Data Security

All our platform partners conform to the latest ISO 27001 quality and security standards covering all geographical arenas, giving you the confidence that your data is always secure and compliant with any contractual commitments that you may have.

Our hosting solutions provide a robust platform that reduces risk to your business and critical assets without impacting the efficiency of your teams or application performance.


Infrastructure Managed Services

World class monitoring and optimisation platforms ensure your systems are always available at peak performance, for all users.

As part of your infrastructure management, we will create an ongoing application maintenance plan covering upgrades and patching, seamlessly keeping your operating systems and applications updated within your environment.

Our business continuity services provide you with the peace of mind that your systems are not only secure and resilient, but also capable of meeting your recovery time objectives in the event of a disaster.

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