Contact Centre Applications for SAP running businesses - The importance of easily accessible data and consistent experience

Companies across a multitude of industry sectors have become increasingly aware of the importance of delivering consistency across all of their interactions with customers. Providing this seamless experience, regardless of the method by which the customer is interacting with you is not easily achieved and usually requires very carefully planned use of technology. Allowing your customers (in a B2B or B2C environment), to self-serve via the web, to place orders, instigate returns or access information is an integral piece of this omni-channel jigsaw but this does not entirely eliminate the need for other touchpoints. For example, Forrester say that 95% of customers use more than one channel to communicate with companies, so what may be perceived as more traditional methods of customer communication such as contact centres remain a crucial spoke on the omni-channel wheel. Direct communication with an individual within your business is still a resource which customers expect to have access to, but be warned, the customer now expects the service they receive via a contact centre to be of the highest standards at all times. It is also crucial to ensure that interaction with this touchpoint slots seamlessly alongside the other methods of interaction a customer may choose with one Accenture report stating that 65% of customers are frustrated by an inconsistent experience.