Five ways to make the most of the summer surge in sales

make the most of the summer sales surge

Customers love to search for a bargain, so they always keep an eye on the summer sales period for anything that takes their fancy. Read on to find out five ways to make the most of this summer sales surge.

1) Themes  

Themes are the most obvious way of advertising that you have a current promotion, but it allows your site to quickly reflect the change in mood that comes with the summer months and to tap into it. There are certain things that customers will expect to see when they enter your site, and a fresh new look to go with your new lines of stock is one of them. 

summer theme

If you’re visibly up-to-date with the latest trends, they are more likely to stick around and search through your site to see what else is new, so make sure you have plenty of visual aids for them to get their teeth into.

2) Promotional activity  

After you get past the look of your site, you need to consider what messages your promotional activity is putting out there and how you could be improving it. You need to remember how the consumer thinks, so make sure that the wording reflects what they want to hear, i.e. does it offer them something and seem helpful rather than being seen as a sales tactic? Are you even making the most of the location of promotional opportunities? For example, have you thought about embedding visuals into your intelligent search function? Below is an example from our own demonstration site:

intelligent search visuals

Or what about within the drop-down categories themselves; you could add a discount to a particular line you’re looking to clear:

camping category example

garden category example

Something as simple as this can drive your consumers in the direction you want them to take, and it’s so easy!

3) “Summer Shoes” 

Categories are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal during these fluctuating seasonal periods, but many companies don’t use them to their full potential. The ability to create categories of products relevant for the summer months in the background which are ready to go live at a moment of your choosing, is something which is useful to not only yourself but to your customers.

Consumers will most likely have an idea of what they want before they come to your site, so if for example they’re looking specifically for “summer shoes”, and that proves to be a particularly popular section in summer periods for you, then you can easily create a whole new category in the menu bar, or add it to your search drop-down – which you can fully customise with a particular discount relating to summer shoes, as shown above in the images.

You can even change the URL to reflect that category within certain products so that they come up on a Google search when people look for “summer shoes”.

4) Make sure your up-sells, cross-sells and related products are relevant  

These are the areas that can get forgotten about, but if you don’t update them you’re missing a trick. As everything in our system is fully customisable, don’t forget that you can easily change what is listed for up-sells and cross-sells on certain products to reflect whatever summer promotions you have on. In summer, you can either customise each product for a specific up-sell, or make one product a default throughout that period, like sunglasses for clothing products, while your related products could be sandals.

The same can be done for any period, so you could change it to hats and scarfs in the winter. This is again reinforcing the idea that you are there to help the customer and offer useful suggestions for products they may have forgotten about. It won’t feel like they are being sold to, and it will keep them coming back to your site throughout the year.

5) Consider category placement 

From a combination of analytical resources, you can make the call on what your target audience is searching for. Once you have this information you can look at rearranging certain elements of your site to reflect those seasonal trends. For example, do you make “Outdoors” and “Camping” the first two categories during the summer months, as they become more important only to be moved back down the pecking order in a few weeks’ time? 

Or, say you were a fashion retailer, why not move wedges and sandals to the front of your footwear section, and swimwear and beachwear to the top of your clothing section. Don’t forget to add the summer promotions to your “New In” category either. This can be done with just a few button clicks before it’s live on your website too, so there’s no excuse for why you shouldn’t be doing it. 

The more that you can demonstrate your understanding of the customer and their needs, the more that this summer surge in sales will work in your favour.

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