Control from a single platform: the benefits a SAP

total control, a single platform

With most SAP eCommerce solutions, whether B2B, B2C or even B2E, complexity and integration are inevitable. Find out how Omnia removes this completely, to bring you one, simple solution for your ERP platform with zero integration required.

Choosing which provider is the right one for you is a big decision, and one laden with questions and concerns. If you didn’t catch it, take a look at our guide to choosing the right solution for your business, but otherwise, read on to find out the specific benefits of a totally centralised solution.

The problem with other solutions is that many of them require a huge amount of integration with SAP in order to work effectively, and this is my no means efficient or cost-effective. It is also incredibly frustrating for your staff, as they are often always reliant on their IT department to make any changes, given the complexity of the back-end system and knowledge required. This in turn leads not only to slowed productivity and stalled progress within your business, but departmental friction.

The ability to centralise and streamline your touchpoints, so that everything can be controlled from a single point of access (and without technical knowledge required) has been sorely needed within the SAP market for a long time, and that’s why we are so proud of our Omnia solution. Not only are we the only company on the market to offer a system which is built inside of SAP, completely eliminating the integration required to make it work, but this means that we can do it all from just one platform. Let’s take a look at some examples…

Content Management System

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s B2B or B2C, we’re sure that you’ve heard the repeated mantra “content is king”. This is true, and we understand that this is an inherent part of your strategy. With the content management system (CMS) that you’ll get from the Omnia package, there are tonnes of helpful features to make the uploading, editing and adding of content quick, easy and in real-time. If you would like to see more on the CMS specifically, take a look at our webpage on it.

The fact that this can be managed from one single point allows you to monitor your content strategy much more closely. If your competitor analysis tools show you that that they are putting out a specific promotion, you can counter it almost instantly. Or, if you notice on stock management that you have a particularly large number of one item, you can change your marketing on your online store to make it a ‘star buy’ or an ‘editor’s pick’, to promote it and rectify the problem. No matter what the issue, this solution means that you can address it faster and instantaneously, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

App suite

It isn’t just the CMS that can be managed from one access point. As part of our Omnia package, we have an App Suite designed specifically to centralise and simplify all aspects of your B2B and B2C solutions. From one main screen, you can access whatever combination of Apps you have chosen to be part of your platform, so that all staff members can access exactly what they need without going in and out of different tabs, home screens and so on.

This has several benefits to it; if a problem occurs, the streamlining of the process will enable you to address it much faster, when dealing with a customer it allows you to access their information faster, security issues can be monitored and eliminated much more efficiently and it also limits the amount of time your staff need to train themselves on the system, because there are no longer multiple screens and multiple inputting of data in different areas of the site. In fact, there are many benefits that a single-platform SAP system can bring to your team.

Giving power back to departments

All of this time and effort we have spent honing our Omnia solution can help you to achieve many of your business objectives. The one thing many companies strive for in these increasingly digital and difficult economic times is the streamlining of resources and cutting of costs, but without the cut on quality that they want to provide to their customers. No matter what your industry, this solution can help you do that, and one of the main areas focuses on the staff themselves!

By making sure that you have a platform that can be operated from one point, it means that:

- You empower your company departments and give them back the control over their work and targets
- This increases their personal productivity as well as that of their departments, as they are no longer hindered by technical challenges in order to act on any strategies which require changes to a complex and integrated system
- This then increases your efficiency of resources, as the chain of workload isn’t held up and there’s no need for people to spend hours of their time every week duplicating data across to SAP, as everything works in real-time from a single data source
- Most importantly, this greatly improves your staff relationships and morale; they are empowered to take control of their own department and workload, meaning that they can act on their initiative to take your business forward. Plus, the collaboration between departments becomes more positive, increasing operational effectiveness

The relationship between Marketing and IT is a good example of this; they won’t have to wait for IT to upload changes to your site and then duplicate the data across SAP. With minimal IT skills, they can simply log-on themselves and makes those content changes we discussed earlier to reflect the latest trends in your industry and prove you to be up-to-date and always online.


Your SAP B2B, B2C or B2E solution has never been more important, but a centralised system can help you to manage it in a way that is simplistic, easy-to-use and effective. Having everything about your solution accessible to you from one point of access is finally available! Remember its benefits:

1) Content can be monitored, uploaded, edited and added to whenever it is needed and by any member of staff, to fall in line with your marketing and promotional plans.
2) The App Suite centralisation enables any problems or queries to be solved within minutes by your staff ion a role-based environment, and all with minimal training as multiple screens are no longer part of the process.
3) Staff productivity, efficiency, self-development and relationships can all be improved to enhance their working experience, and in turn your business.

If you’d like to know more about our own Omnia solution, take a look at our site and get in touch.