We’ve achieved the impossible for SAP customers

We’ve created a fundamentally superior solution for B2B and B2C solutions for SAP from any of our competition.  SAP had spent years and undoubtedly a small fortune on creating an eCommerce platform that was intrinsically SAP at the heart of it.  Ultimately SAP failed to deliver on that promise and sought to buy a platform form the market called Hybris to fulfil this requirement.

Hybris was an SAP badged solution prior to the company being acquired by SAP, it isn’t by any stretch of the imagination an SAP product.  Both SAP and SAP Hybris are huge platforms and inevitably they cross over in functionality all over the core components, they are continually faced with trying to integrate two systems together whilst trying to balance the reality that pricing, and over 80 additional points of customer or product data have to potentially be delivered in SAP but also need s to be delivered in SAP Hybris.  Both systems have to deal with the vast intricacies of pricing because none SAP companies buy SAP Hybris.

We at www.weaveability.com however, are transforming the market by achieving what our customers in the SAP installed base are describing as “Too good to be true”.  Omnia is transforming the way we look at SAP eCommerce B2B or B2C sites.  Fundamentally delivered in a way that is superior to every other product in the market.  Yes it’s true that other companies can integrate to SAP but no one has delivered the technology leap that we have created.

Our achievement is to deliver the Omnia solution within SAP entirely.  Our Omnia module sits alongside MM, SD, FI and other modules. This means the eCommerce platform now resides alongside all other SAP modules in the Netweaver workbench.  This ensures the tightest information exchange as what we have ultimately done is remove all the integration from the project because it’s not required.  Every single piece of data is sat in the SAP database even where we have enriched the data with fields not normally within SAP like a marketing description for a product.  We are the only business who can truly state that every single field and every single line of business logic is 100% SAP standard.  The removal of any integration means we can deliver B2B and B2C SAP eCommerce platforms in an incredibly short period because we have completely removed the complexity.

It could be argued (and I do argue) that we are more SAP than SAP in terms of eCommerce!

This technological leap in eCommerce for SAP puts us streets ahead of any of the competition from the small to the global.