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UX Research


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UX Research

Our UX researchers will work with you and your customers to map out target market personas, developing functional user stories. Reviewing historical analytical data from relevant legacy systems enables us to make informed decisions about how users interact with the business and your systems; such information gathering helps us to deliver a far better experience to your end users. We will also do an audit of your competitor’s sites against 100s of industry standard UX guidelines to ascertain where we would be able to improve on your competition by delivering a far greater user experience.

UX Design


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UX Design

Our UX designers work closely with you to map out process flows and user journeys. We will look at the customer experience across all devices so that we design the best solution for your functional requirements. Dependant on the project, we take a mobile first approach to design to ensure progressive enhancements. Whilst most projects work with a responsive design, some projects benefit from mobile specific functionality.

Wireframing and Prototyping


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Wireframing & Prototyping

Once our teams have interpreted customer journeys and business processes, we turn these into wireframes to begin testing on your users. We then convert these into interactive prototypes for iterative user testing, feedback and creative sign off. Our designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your customers get the best possible, consistent experience from all your digital touchpoints.

UI design


UI Design

Our UI design process involves reviewing and analysing the visual and functional aspects of competitor sites. This includes use of website elements, art direction, branding and messaging to identify how we can implement improvements. Our UI teams deliver user-centred design across a range of touchpoints and we ensure your brand values and user experience integrity are held at the forefront of all creative work delivered. We will produce every part of your customer facing interfaces and provide continued marketing support services after project go live.

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Creating innovative solutions helps us maximise the relationship you have with your customers. We have a team of incredibly talented designers working across multiple disciplines for both online and offline projects.

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