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Case Studies
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Our client references - we’re happy to share the details with you.

We know that company and performance track record is crucial to your final decision, so we’ve put together a few examples of our work for you to take a look at.

Client reference projects


Boughey Distribution Ltd

Wanting to set themselves apart from the competition, Nantwich-based Boughey Distribution Ltd turned to us to provide them with a website, CMS and SAP B2B Customer Portal that would give their customers something which offered tangible, internal value.


A 99.9% service level within the 3PL industry sector isn't a USP anymore. Timely and accurate receipt handling and distribution were already being delivered through our robust SAP investment. We wanted something to set us apart from the rest, and give our customers something which offered a tangible, internal value to their Boughey service.

Danny Earp, IT Manager
Boughey Distribution Ltd.

Findel Education Resources

In need of Customer Relationship, Call Centre and Query Management systems, Findel turned to us for help. They were keen to create a slicker order entry system, which we were able to help them achieve by addressing some key areas


By choosing Weaveability, Findel partnered with a company who ticked all of the boxes, and the results speak for themselves.

Zoe Reuter, Head of Customer Service
Findel Education Resources

Malvern Instruments

Founded in 1975, Malvern Instruments have worked long and hard to build their unshakable reputation as one of the world's leading materials and biophysical characterization companies.


The previous Malvern Store website was built as a proof of concept to find out if our customers would buy consumables online. This was achieved at a very low cost, so whilst the concept was proven, it also meant that we had a very basic store that was neither user-friendly nor a full product range. The solution delivered by Weaveability exceeded all our expectations.

Martin Langley, Programme Manager
Malvern Instruments

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