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Flair Leisure B2B eCommerce Web Design Overview

Formed in 1999, Flair's core business is concentrated on heritage brands, art & craft and boys & girls toys. Brands including household names such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Plasticine and Shaker Maker are all found within the company portfolio. Flair is one of the UK’s top ten toy companies with consistent growth over the last 12 years. This outstanding growth has been achieved following the acquisition of the company by the European toy group, Giochi Preziosi, and by combining traditional Flair values of brand building and customer service.

The challenge was to deliver a B2B customer portal through which their agents and customers could place trade orders. With a large product range and a requirement for a fast order entry system, coupled with an easy to navigate Account Management section, we utilised Omnia to design a Flair branded UI that delivered a great user experience based around their functional requirements.


Based on the Omnia platform, the layouts draw on years of UX research and design backed up by an intuitive interface that makes the product journey fast, engaging and efficient and the account management system fast and easy to use. Industry standard eCommerce functionality is enhanced by Flair branding and the underlying Omnia UI. The B2B eCommerce site is fully responsive and works across multiple devices.

Colour Palette

Flair have a very distinctive red as their primary colour. Their secondary and tertiary colour palettes are subtle greys that complement the bold red. This makes for a corporate, professional looking UI that does not distract from the core product offerings.

Flair brand colour swatch



Flair brand colour swatch



Flair brand colour swatch



Flair brand colour swatch



Flair brand colour swatch

Dark Red


Flair brand colour swatch

Flair Red



Flair uses Calibri and Arial as their font families across the system, with multiple weights and colours used to differentiate links, headings, pricing and content.

Flair font

Font Family: Calibri


Icons are used across multiple parts of the B2B portal with the account management sections using them for control panels and actions across tables and detail pages.

Flair iconography
Flair all brands screen

UI Components

The underlying base UI has been developed to enable a responsive site that is simple and efficient to use for agents whilst on the road, in front of customers or at the office, and for customers to use across multiple devices.

Flair primary button styling Flair secondary button styling
Flair product list screen
Flair product list screen

On Page Marketing

As a B2B portal for existing customers, Flair strategically did not want marketing messages across the site, however the UI is designed to accommodate banners, promotions and seasonal themes should that be a requirement for future development.

Flair responsive application on ipad
Opening quotation mark
Closing quotation mark

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