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B2B Customer Portal for the UK

NICEIC portal website on laptop

NICEIC B2B Customer Portal Overview

NICEIC is the UK's leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry and has been assessing the competence of electricians for over 60 years. Along with its other operating arm, ELECSA, it currently maintains a roll of over 36,000 registered contractors. They deal with over 60,000 assisted queries per year and the issuing of over 1m certificates per year, in addition to annual assessments for certification. NICEIC currently helps around 500,000 consumers find a contractor on an annual basis. 

The challenge was to offer their customers an easier and more effective way of managing their certification and accounts with NICEIC. This in turn would ease the manual resource burden and improve efficiencies within the NICEIC and ELECSA headquarters.


A clean and professional look based on a UI framework, we provided a bespoke design for NICEIC. The portal contains some table-based information and NICEIC styles were added to enhance the view and ease of navigation throughout the data presented. The B2B customer portal is fully responsive and works across multiple devices.

Colour Palette

The colour palette for the NICEIC portal relies on their strong red and dark grey brand colours. Complimenting shades of grey were used subtly to ensure a professional, clean look to the overall portal. ELECSA’s version of the portal uses their mid-blue and orange.

NICEIC brand colour swatch

Dark Grey


NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch




NICEIC use a very distinctive font called GoBold in their corporate identity which we complimented with Arial and Calibri across the B2B eCommerce sites.


Font Family: GoBold


Utilising NICEIC’s red, we designed bespoke icons for sections across the website and also converted these for the ELECSA brand. Bold supporting icons and navigational icons were designed.

NICEIC iconography
NICEIC billing screen

UI Components

Primary, secondary and tertiary navigation was designed around NICEIC and ELECSA brands. Tables were utilized to make the data easier to digest. Tabs, panels, form data and navigational graphics were all designed and adapted to reinforce the brand.

NICEIC primary button styling NICEIC secondary button styling
NICEIC account management screen
NICEIC account management screen

On Page Marketing

The portal has a user ‘Dashboard’ that NICEIC / ELECSA utilise to push notification and marketing messages out to their customer base.

NICEIC responsive portal website on ipad
Opening quotation mark

I just wanted to confirm, if you’ve not had it already but we are happy to sign off the overall design of the portal. Which is great news, thank you very much for the hard work you and the team have put into the project so far.

Closing quotation mark

Terry Bedeau Project Manager, Certsure LLP

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