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B2B eCommerce for the UK

NICEIC ecommerce website on laptop

NICEIC B2B eCommerce Web Design Overview

NICEIC is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry and has been assessing the competence of electricians for over 60 years. It forms one of three operating arms of Certsure LLP, along with ELECSA and NICEIC Certification.

Established in 1956, NICEIC currently provides for over 36,000 registered contractors across the UK. They provide a large range of product and certifications for the electrical contracting industry and their products cover everything from tools and equipment to work wear, publications and schemes.

The initial challenge was to design and launch a B2B eCommerce site that was simple to navigate, easy to manage content and would provide end customers with a one stop shop for their electrical contracting requirements.


We gave the overall design of the site a ‘materials’-based look and feel, showing off their products within the layout panels. Horizontal navigation and an easy to navigate product journey. For this project, we designed layouts that were easily adaptable for both certifiers and were content managed from a single source of data. The B2B eCommerce site is fully responsive and works across multiple devices.

Colour Palette

NICEIC use a strong red and a very dark grey as their colour palette, with ELECSA using a mid-blue and orange to differentiate
the two certifiers.

NICEIC brand colour swatch

Dark Grey


NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch



NICEIC brand colour swatch




NICEIC use a very distinctive font called GoBold in their corporate identity, which we complimented with Arial and Calibri across the B2B eCommerce sites.


Font Family: GoBold


Simple clear icons were used across the eCommerce sites to help depict their product sets and also help to visually guide the user to certain sections of the website.

NICEIC iconography
NICEIC product list screen

UI Components

Clear primary and secondary navigation buttons, bold panels and tabbed headers help segment the information across the product journey.

NICEIC primary button styling NICEIC secondary button styling
NICEIC product details screen
NICEIC product details screen

On Page Marketing

NICEIC and ELECSA use numerous styles across their marketing for products, certifications and the various activities they engage within. This is a challenge across a single eCommerce site and we ensured the styles were held within an overall container style.

NICEIC responsive ecommerce website on ipad
Opening quotation mark
Closing quotation mark

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