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B2C eCommerce Website Design

Smyths Toys website on laptop

Smyths Toys Web Design Overview

Smyths Toys Superstores are committed to providing high quality products, competitive prices and great customer service. As the fastest growing toy retailer, they have over 100 stores throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and are growing rapidly.

The challenge covers all aspects of site development and support.  In terms of creative, we are tasked with updating existing content and delivering UX / UI improvements around the customer journey to ultimately increase conversion.

We are working within brand guidelines and going through a continuous improvement process across all assets of the site. Here are some examples of the ideas we are delivering.


Smyths Toys B2C eCommerce site follows a proven user journey navigation based around search, categorisation, product lists, filtering and ultimately product details. Our UX team is constantly reviewing the site against 100’s of UX guidelines to ensure we deliver the best possible journeys. The B2B eCommerce site is fully responsive and works across multiple devices, and Smyths take a mobile first design perspective based on their knowledge of customer usage across devices. All of the designs are produced initially on mobile.

Colour Palette

Smyths Toys has a strong colour palette aimed directly at their target audience. Colours are used strategically across the site to help the user navigate primary and secondary actions, and to ensure elements and assets are represented consistently across the eCommerce site.

Smyths brand colour swatch



Smyths brand colour swatch

Azure Radience


Smyths brand colour swatch

Smyths Blue


Smyths brand colour swatch

Tulip Tree


Smyths brand colour swatch

Alizarin Crimson


Smyths brand colour swatch

CTA Green



Smyths Toys have a very distinctive font that we use in multiple weights. Uppercase and lowercase styling in headlines and call outs supports the brand’s warmth and friendliness. Uniform Rounded is the primary typeface for all other elements along with a typeface called Burbank.

Smyths Toys font

Font Family: Uniform Rnd


We use simple icons to represent a variety of functionality and features throughout the eCommerce site.

Smyth Toys iconography
Smyths Toys product details screen

UI Components

Smyths Toys eCommerce site has been built on the SAP CX (Hybris) platform, we are using a combination of out of the box functionality and where applicable we are designing and developing on top of this to expand the UI for better user focused journeys. In terms of pure UI design, SAP CX (Hybris) offers us the freedom to design a completely bespoke set of front end UI components that are both on brand and are designed to help increase conversion.

Primary button styling Secondary button styling
Smyths Toys order details screen
Smyths Toys order details screen

On Page Marketing

We ensure that promotional activity is designed around current trends and product offers. Our creative and marketing departments work very closely with the eCommerce team and marketing department at Smyths to ensure the site is fresh and engaging for its users.

Smyths Toys responsive website on ipad
Opening quotation mark
Closing quotation mark

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